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ASN Laundry Group, Inc.

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ASN Laundry Group, Inc.

In New York:
1731 W. Farms Rd.
Bronx, NY 10460
Tel: 718-542-8686
Fax: 718-378-4502


ASN Laundry Group, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Ipso Washer Extractor and Dryer products in the New York metropolitan area. We distribute no other washer but IPSO. The fact of the matter is…..Why would we want to?

With capacities ranging from 14lbs to 75lbs all Ipso washer/extractors are built with the same superior quality design.

"I-Frame" Construction
The toughness of IPSO Washer-Extractors starts with the frame. The bearing housing is mounted directly on the frame and becomes an integral part of the frame. This lowers the center of gravity and assures maximum stability with minimum vibration. The frame is sand blasted and epoxy painted for rust resistance and long life.

-Stainless Steel Cabinet- Front, top, and optional sides panels as well as the entire tub and outer cylinder are made from the highest quality stainless steel.

HEAVY DUTY Oversized Bearing
All Ipso washers use heavy duty oversized bearings and the seal systems is made up of a  carbon ring seal and stainless steal shaft. The bearings are widely spaced apart to enhance cylinder stability. This bearing seal system is considered the finest in the world.

IPSO 36/60 Warranty
The exclusive IPSO 36/60 Warranty covers parts for three full years and the frame for 5 years. See Warranty for complete details.

Easy To Service
Parts are easily accessible from the front and top of the machine. Replacement parts are readily available and most are interchangeable between models.

Choice of Control Systems
IPSO's exclusive 9 factory programs Micro-20 Electronic Control or Sigma computer that features an infrared connection port to allow simple updating of wash programs or prices as well as other features. Both controls feature a digital display of the program selected and time remaining in the cycle as well as vend price and count down for each coin inserted.

Direct Drive System
No Clutches. No transmissions. The IPSO direct drive system with a heavy duty inverter driven motor eliminates one of the major trouble spots of other machines.
Toughness is one of the many reasons why IPSO equipment performs dependably day after day, year after year in coin laundries throughout the world

The IPSO direct drive system with its powerful inverter driven motor allows the basket to spin at higher extraction speeds than non inverter driven washers thus removing more water from clothes and ultimately reducing you dryer operating costs.

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