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ASN Laundry Group, Inc.

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ASN Laundry Group, Inc.

In New York:
1731 W. Farms Rd.
Bronx, NY 10460
Tel: 718-542-8686
Fax: 718-378-4502


ASN Laundry Group, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Ipso Washer Extractor and Dryer products in the NY, NJ, Eastern PA area. We distribute no other washer but IPSO. The fact of the matter is…..Why would we want to? Instead of answering that, let us give you some reasons why we do….
We also offer the full line of American Dryer products, both single pocket and stack dryersADC is engineer-driven, spending months thinking about building a new dryer before ever committing it to production.  The rewards of such forethought are dryers with unbeatable track records.  ADC coin-op dryers are fast, efficient machines that maximize your real estate and optimize your profitability.

IPSO continually integrates new technologies with proven designs to deliver high-performance stack and single-pocket dryers that save you time and money.  IPSO dryers also deliver years of dependable operation feature an all-belt drive system with a self-adjusting tension idler.  The drive system is constructed with metal pulleys and sealed bearings for a quiet operation and low maintenance.

American Dryer Corp has announced the Solaris Line of dryers.  Available in 20 and 30 lb. single-pocket or stacking units, as well as 50 and 75 lb capacities, Solaris coin operated models provide a complete package of effective tools to create the most profitable operation possible.  Energy savings of up to 30% combine with sleek, space saving designs that translate into more efficient laundry drying per square foot.  A profitable combination in any coin laundry.

Dryers are built to last.  Engineers are sticklers for paying attention to the fine details.  The unparalleled quality of every aspect of ADC dryers proves that.  Our dryer doors, for example, are one solid piece of steel with gasketless glass.  So unlike most other dryers, there is no rubber gasket to fail after years of wear, causing the glass to fall out. Bearings on the ADC drive system and motor are all permanently lubricated; that's permanently.  There are no chains or gear reducers used at ADC; rather, we use V-belts and pulleys for smooth, quiet, trouble-free operation, spin after spin.  All ADC dryer cabinets and accessories are electrostatically powder-painted inside and out, then baked at 420 degrees F before final assembly - for the hardest and longest lasting finish in the industry.

ADC Innovation - Engineers are born to innovate.  Obviously they thrive at ADC.  We were first to introduce a dual pocket stacked dryer, allowing coin-op store owners to maximize facility floorspace.  We were the first to develop a reversing tumbler, which keeps items from roping and lessens drying time.  We introduced the large, easy-access, lightweight lint drawer.  We pioneered accessibility to 98% front serviceability.  We introduced dryers to the information age, by offering models with computer controls.

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