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Card Systems

CCI Mag Card ESD Smart Card ESD Mag Card

In keeping with today's modern technology, ASN Laundry offers several different card system as an alternative to having quarters in your Laundromat!

Whether its a Magnetic Stripe or Smart Card based card system we can retrofit your existing laundry or install it as part of your new laundry. These card systems fits all brands of washers, dryers and vending equipment and will dramatically increase the comfort and satisfaction level of everyone using the system.

Smart Card or Mag Stripe? What's the difference? Click here!

Owner Benefits:
  • Eliminates coin meter and related problems.

  • No coins to collect or process, & eliminates the chances of theft & vandalism.

  • Creates a safer environment.

  • Provides electronic accountability.

  • The card systems allows persons other than the owner to collect with peace of mind.

  • Creates a cash float when customer purchases or adds value to the moneycard.

  • Creates customer loyalty once the customer purchases your laundry's moneycard

  • Makes it easy to promote your coin laundry by adding bonus dollars when a customer adds more cash; for example, add $21 to the moneycard when $20 is inserted.

  • Attendant wash/dry/fold usage is tracked by their own moneyard time/date stamp for each use. No need to give them marked quarters.

  • Service or maintenance machine starts are tracked by the service technician's card number with time/date stamp, or they can be started by the attendant's moneycard if desired.
  • The moneycard system provides complete accountability on each machine. Reports show how many cards were sold, how many cards had value added, with time/date recorded for each transaction, and total amount of money earned by each machine.
  • 21st century technology for self-service laundries provides you with a competitive edge. You can quickly spot and take advantage of customer wash trends.

  • The moneycard system allows you to track time and dates of every single machine use. With this information, you are able to determine the appropriate time to run special business building incentives.

  • The moneycard system allows for future growth in the present store as well as in any additional stores you may own. You can program the moneycard to work in one store, or to work in all the self-service laundries that you own.

  • In addition to the cash float of up-front money, there are often residual funds left unused in the moneycard system. This may be the deposit charged for a card that was not returned, or the value of lost cards.

  • The moneycard system is designed with a multi-platform capability, that can operate with a Smart/Mag Card and credit cards.

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